New Northeast Middle School

The new middle school will provide a facility to the Northeast Austin neighborhoods, with a planned capacity of 800 to meet the needs of this community. The new campus will follow the AISD vision of creating 21st-century learning spaces for students, incorporating flexible spaces allowing for collaborative, interdisciplinary, and project-driven learning.

Project Timeline

*Timeline and rendering subject to change

Latest Updates

Drone Footage: August 2019

Sep 10,2019 All Schools

Check out the August drone footage from some of the 2017 Bond Modernization projects. 0:03 – Ann Richards School For Young Women Leaders 1:09 –…

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James Bowie High School 2019-2020 Parking Update

Aug 29,2019 All Schools

This article was updated on August 29th to reflect the opening of Lot A. We are pleased to announce that the students permitted to park…

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T.A. Brown Elementary School Modernization Team Shares New 3D View

Aug 16,2019 All Schools

The T.A. Brown Elementary School modernization team has unveiled new 3D renderings from their ongoing Design Development phase. The 3D designs, linked below, depict exterior…

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Key Information

  • Modernization Budget: $60,958,000
  • Total Budget: $60,958,000
  • Anticipated Opening Date: August 2022
  • Trustee: Ann Teich
  • Planned Capacity: 800

Project Team

Adrienne Williams, AISD Staff
Ashley Fisher, Community Member
Becky Adams, AISD Staff
Candace Hunter, Community Member
Claudia Torres, AISD Staff
Cuitlahuac Tonatiuh Guerra-Mojarro, Community Member
Greg Kiloh, Community Member
Gregory Smith, Community Member
Jaree Ullah, Community Member
Ken Blaker, Community Member
Lila Valencia, Community Member
Nicole Adams, AISD Staff
Robin Spencer, AISD Staff
Roxanne Evans, Community Member
Shannon Sellstrom, AISD Staff
Vanesia Wright, AISD Staff