Annual Report 2022

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Five-Year Anniversary
of the 2017 Bond

The Big Picture

Over the last five years, Austin ISD has invested more than $900 million through the 2017 Bond Program to create modern learning spaces and make critical improvements to aging facilities. We’re honoring the commitment we made to voters by completing bond projects on time and on budget.

Why It Matters

According to studies from the Harvard University School of Public Health, modernized schools have been linked to an increase in student success and happiness at school—and they are also tied to higher teacher retention rates. By investing in these improvements across the district, we’re creating more positive learning environments that will support our students, staff and communities for years to come.

Go Deeper

Read the annual report to learn about the bond budget, projects completed to date, achievements in sustainability, and more.

The numbers reflected in the report below are accurate as of November 2022.

2017 Bond Budget







Budget pie chart

Bond by the Numbers


modernizations opened in 2022


modernizations opened to date


modernizations on track to open in 2023


targeted projects completed in 2022


total targeted projects completed to date


targeted projects on track to be completed in 2023

Watch our video on the modernizations to learn more about how these schools benefit students and staff.


Community icon

In 2022, we returned to in-person milestone ceremonies, welcoming students, families and community members to newly-modernized campuses.

Decorative star graphic

ceremonies hosted




Campus Architectural Team meetings


CAT members

Watch our video to learn more about how we engaged the community in the 2017 Bond Program.

Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)

Austin ISD’s HUB program is in place to help businesses that are 51 percent owned or controlled by a minority or woman. Contracts awarded to HUBs during the 2017 Bond Program include architecture, engineering, construction and other professional services.

Austin ISD supports one of the most comprehensive public school HUB programs in the nation, providing tools for minority- and women-owned businesses to do business with the district. The 2017 Bond has resulted in more than $12.8 million in new contracted work to minority HUB partners.

and Engineering

Architecture and engineering graphic


Construction graphic


Green building LEED award ceremony
Sustainability icon

Austin ISD embraces sustainability as a driving force behind its mission to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, challenging, and inspires students to make a positive contribution to society.

All green buildings from the 2017 Bond Program include features like high-efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting, water use reduction, locally-sourced building materials, adaptive landscapes and outdoor learning areas to foster connection to nature.

Star graphic

Watch our video to learn more about Austin ISD’s commitment to sustainability through the 2017 Bond Program.