Districtwide Improvements

The 2017 Bond Program is an investment in AISD facilities, teachers and staff, and our students. Student success is the ultimate goal and our driving force. While the 2017 bond includes the first phase of school modernization projects, it also includes projects to address campus-level deficiencies and districtwide improvements to address technology, transportation, life safety and police enhancements.

2017 Bond Program Targeted Projects
The district is also undertaking targeted bond projects. Targeted projects focus on campus deficiencies including roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and drainage systems. The district has adopted two principles to guide the phasing of the targeted projects: (1) all students should be safe, warm and dry, and (2) the district is addressing the worst deficiencies first.

The 2017 bond provides funds for districtwide technology upgrades including teacher computers, student mobile computers, presentation systems, computer lab improvements and network system improvements. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred technology implementation as online learning became the primary focus for the district. Funds from the 2017 bond program supported known recurring costs to upgrade and replace existing systems that include network infrastructure, teacher laptops, presentation systems and some computer labs.

AISD received transportation upgrades including bus replacements and additions, and an automated fleet system. The district’s Transportation Department is completing the fourth and final phase to replace aging buses with new ones. The district purchased 167 lower-emission school buses, including six propane buses. The Transportation Department also received new administrative offices at the district’s Service Center.

Life Safety
The district’s Life Safety Department, a unit under the Austin ISD Police Department and in coordination with the Construction Management Department, continues to upgrade fire alarm and sprinkler systems, install new and upgrade existing alarm systems and install kitchen hood fire suppression systems.

AISD Police Department
Through the 2017 bond, the AISD Police Department received technological improvements in communications, IT infrastructure, and software. These expenditures help the department maintain a technological advantage when facing the logistics of rapid response in the modern and ever-changing policing environment. Future acquisitions will focus on a Police Record Management System that will provide efficient and comprehensive technology for information management and computer-aided dispatch.