Brentwood Elementary School Swing Space Update

Please see below for a letter shared with Brentwood Elementary School families on Friday, January 17, 2020 regarding the Brentwood modernization and proposed plan for an off-site swing space.

Dear Brentwood Elementary Families,

Please, find an update below regarding swing-space planning for Brentwood Elementary School.

Since the initial correspondence with families on Nov. 11, 2019, announcing the district’s decision to utilize off-site swing space during construction of the modernized Brentwood Elementary, two community meetings have been held. At both meetings, members of AISD Construction Management, Academics, campus leadership and the project team listened to feedback from Brentwood families, staff and community.

In addition to these community meetings, the district has gathered input through emails, phone calls and additional conversations with parents. During this process, the district heard the following feedback:

  • There is concern over the distance from the Brentwood neighborhood to Dobie Pre-K, the district’s initial recommendation for off-site swing space;
  • Some families would prefer to split the campus in order to stay closer to the Brentwood neighborhood, while others have expressed a desire to keep the campus community together;
  • Some families would like to utilize Brentwood Park for swing space, while others would prefer a shorter construction timeline and less money spent on swing space, leaving more resources in the modernization budget.

Based on the feedback received, AISD committed to exploring additional swing-space options. Throughout December and January, the district narrowed down that list to four possible options for swing space:

  • Brentwood Park (the current 100 wing and gym would be used in addition to portables placed at Brentwood Park)
  • Burnet Middle School (the entire campus would be housed in portables)
  • Dobie Pre-K Center (the entire campus would be housed in portables)
  • Webb Middle School (the entire campus would be housed in portables)

All four options would keep the entire campus together, which has been determined a priority by AISD leadership and Brentwood staff.

The district is now reviewing the details and logistics of each swing space listed above to make a final recommendation. Factors that will be considered include impact to the receiving community, cost and schedule. A recommendation will be shared at a community meeting held on Feb. 4 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Brentwood Cafeteria, child care and Spanish-language interpretation will be provided. The final decision will be announced by Feb. 7.

We know there are many families who have questions beyond swing-space location, including transportation, after-school programs, transfers, enrollment, safety and more. The district will be able to answer these questions in greater detail after the final decision has been made.

In the meantime, we encourage you to share feedback on the swing space options listed above with AISD at or 512-414-9595.