New Blazier Relief Campus July 2018 Update

The New Blazier Relief Campus is one of the first schools to be designed and built in the 2017 Bond Program. This school is intended to provide immediate overcrowding relief for Blazier Elementary School by constructing a facility to accommodate grades 4 through 6, with future plans to include up to 8th grade.

This new build will be Phase 1 of a strategic plan to transform the entire site into a village containing Pre-K through 8th grade facilities, while providing relief to Blazier Elementary School throughout the transition.

BLGY and American Constructors have been contracted by the district for this project. A Campus Architectural Team, made up of members of your school community, has been meeting regularly with the project team since February to provide input as we seek to create an environment for 21st century learning.

Project Team
The CAT for the New Blazier Relief Campus includes:

  • Leti Peña, Principal
  • Robin Sánchez, Instructional Staff
  • Genevieve Deas, Instructional Staff
  • Christina Baird, Administrative Staff
  • Pat Seyfarth, Administrative Staff
  • Maria Rodriguez, Parent Support Specialist
  • Angel Fernandez, Parent
  • Michael Bocanegra, Parent
  • Sara Brown, Community Member
  • Myra Goep, Community Member

Community Meetings
As part of the district’s commitment to communicate the progress of the bond to the community, we want to be sure you are aware of opportunities for public engagement around key project milestones.

CAT meetings are taking place throughout the summer as the team works through the initial phases of planning and design. There will be a community engagement opportunity at the end of this phase, which has not yet been scheduled.

For the most up-to-date information on the New Blazier Relief Campus, including project events and key dates, please visit

Give Feedback
If you have any questions about the 2017 Bond Program, please reach out to the bond communications team at 512-414-9595 or