Yellow Jacket Stadium Historical Marker and YJCC Ribbon-Cutting Celebration Recap

On August 3, 2023, the Original L.C. Anderson High School Alumni and Austin ISD celebrated the unveiling of the Yellow Jacket Stadium historical marker and the ribbon-cutting of the new Yellow Jacket Conference Center. 

  • The event kicked off the L.C. Anderson Alumni Reunion weekend, where alumni from all over the country gathered and reconnected.

Several distinguished alumni spoke along with district leadership during the ceremony. A few of those speakers were:  

  • Andrew Bailey – Principal, Eastside Eastside Early College High School
  • Alexander Porter – L.C. Anderson, Class of 1950 
  • Arati Singh – Austin ISD Board of Trustees President 
  • Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson – Distinguished L.C. Anderson Alumni 
  • Barbara Spears-Corbett – L.C. Anderson, Class of 1970  

What they are saying: “The L.C. Anderson High School was the anchor in the segregated community of my birthing youth. With the assistance of devoted family members, faculty, and the community we excelled in her limelight…You might say, we succeed not because of, but in spite of the system.” – Alexander Porter, L.C. Anderson Class of 1950 

Why it matters: For over 80 years, L.C. Anderson thrived as the premier school on Austin’s East Side. In 1971, the school was closed by a federal judge as part of desegregation. As part of the 2017 Bond Program, Austin ISD collaborated with the Original L.C. Anderson Alumni on the modernization of Eastside Early College High School to honor the school’s legacy.

  • The modernized campus combines elements of the reconstructed L.C. Anderson High School with modern designs.

The backstory: In 1953, the Yellow Jacket Stadium was constructed and played a significant role in L.C. Anderson High School’s 80+ year legacy of excellence, including a highly successful athletic program. The Yellow Jacket Conference Center was built to honor the school’s history and use the reconstructed spaces including the original choral room and band hall. 

  • A historical marker dedication ceremony was held on July 17, 2021, to celebrate the historical designation the campus received. A similar designation has now been given to Yellow Jacket Stadium. 

Of note: Current students can learn about the history of L.C. Anderson through a timeline wall and be inspired by the stories of previous students who once walked the same halls.  

Go Deeper: Check out the photos from the event below, watch the recording of the event and view the event program that includes the historical marker’s inscription. 

  • You can also see past images of the Original L.C. Anderson HS.