Board Approves Renaming of Norman to Norman-Sims Elementary School

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees at its May 18 Regular Voting Meeting approved the renaming of G.W. Norman Elementary School to Norman-Sims Elementary School. The renaming will go into effect for the 2020-21 school year.

The campus was renamed in accordance with board policy regarding the renaming of consolidated campus. The AISD Board of Trustees approved the consolidation of the Norman and Sims elementary schools communities in November 2019. All students will move into the modernized Norman in January 2021, which is currently being built through the 2017 Bond.

The renaming of Norman-Sims honors the contributions of both Mary J. Sims and G.W. Norman to Austin ISD. Norman and Sims served over a combined 100 years of service as educational leaders in central Texas. Since colocating at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, the two schools have worked together to create a shared sense of community and purpose, living their motto: “Two Schools; One Vision.” The name would reify the work of the two school communities coming together. There are generations of individuals who attended or worked in one or both schools and still serve the community today.

The Norman-Sims CAC-composed of school personnel, parents and community members from both school communities-served as the renaming committee and committed to select a name that honors the legacy of both Mary J. Sims and G.W. Norman.

The district initiated the renaming process in April by soliciting nominations from the community and the opportunity was promoted through local media outlets, social media and direct outreach via phone. Of just over 160 submissions, 140 proposed the name “Norman-Sims.” The committee met in April and May to review board policy and carefully consider the nominations.

Front rendering of Norman School