Brentwood Elementary School Grand Opening Recap

On November 1, Brentwood Elementary School celebrated the grand opening of its fully modernized campus, built as part of the 2017 Bond Program. The campus opened to students on the first day of school in August.  

Highlights of the ceremony included performances by the McCallum Blue Brigade and drumline, poems written and read by Brentwood students, and a rendition of the school song. 

  • After the ceremony, the Brentwood community enjoyed the PTA’s annual picnic, with a taco truck, games and bounce houses. 

What they’re saying:  “In the few short months we’ve been in this facility, I’ve already seen the positive impact it has made on our students, teachers and staff,” said Principal Hosack. “I want to sincerely thank the families and neighbors […] for their patience and support.”

Why it matters: The modernized Brentwood incorporates learning neighborhoods and specialized spaces that provide flexibility for students and educators. 

  • Sustainability and connection to nature are at the forefront of Brentwood’s modernization — including expansive outdoor learning areas, energy-efficient lighting and building systems and a direct connection to Brentwood Park. 
  • It was also important to preserve the history of Brentwood. The popular Birds in Flight mural was moved from the old building to the new administrative building, where it was restored by the original artist. 

Of note: Evan Hildebrandt, a former Brentwood student, created a custom pop-art mural of the Bulldog logo to inspire the next generation of students.

Dive deeper: Check out the photos below from the grand opening and watch the livestream recording here. Congratulations Brentwood Bulldogs!