Watch Our 2017 Modernizations Video

As part of the 2017 Bond Program, 19 schools across Austin ISD received a full or partial modernization. 

The details: A modernization project is a complete construction, reconstruction or large-scale renovation of a school. These schools include flexible learning spaces, outdoor learning spaces, state-of-the-art technology and community spaces.  

By the numbers:

  • $742 million invested in approximately 2 million sq. ft. of modernized spaces to date
  • 17,275 students in modernized schools
  • 12 schools awarded AEGB & LEED certification

The bottom line:  Every student in our district deserves a facility that is tailor-made for them and enhances their educational experience. Thanks to Austin voters, we can continue working toward this goal with the 25 full or partial modernizations included in the 2022 Bond program. 

Dive Deeper: Watch the modernizations video to learn more about how new facilities positively impact students and teachers.