Brentwood Elementary School Swing Space Update

Please see below for a letter shared with Brentwood Elementary School families and community on Friday, February 7, 2020 regarding the Brentwood modernization and plan for off-site swing space.

Dear Brentwood Elementary School Families and Community, 

Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts with us as we have worked to find the best swing space for the Brentwood school family. 

We have looked carefully at each of the options, listened to your feedback and considered the cost, as well as the effects on students, staff and the surrounding community at each location. This is not a decision we take lightly.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, district staff shared their findings with you and recommended using space at the Webb Middle School campus to house Brentwood students beginning next year. 

Our superintendent, Paul Cruz, has carefully reviewed the possible implications of each move, and has decided that relocating to the Webb Middle School site is best suited to the needs of the Brentwood students and staff. 

The campus is only about 2 miles from Brentwood, and the layout of the space will ensure that Brentwood and Webb students have their own sections of the campus to call home. 

A Brentwood transition committee will now determine the details of the transition and the specifics about the swing space. We will also work to answer questions about transportation, after-school programs, transfers, enrollment, safety and more. 

Thank you for your time and commitment to ensuring the best for your students and for all the students at Brentwood Elementary. 

Austin ISD