Doss Elementary Architecture Team Receives Caudill Award

Stantec, the architects behind the modernized Doss Elementary School, recently received the Caudill Award from the Texas Association of School Administrators and School Boards (TASA/TASB). 

  • The award, named after Texas architect William Wayne Caudill, is the highest honor from TASA/TASB for school design. 

Why it Matters: The new campus reflects the needs and desires of the Doss community, emphasizing the connection to the natural environment as a “school in the trees.” Stantec’s design received four stars in the Areas of Distinction: design, innovation, planning and school transformation.

  • “We are so grateful and honored to receive the Caudill Award,” said Barry Nebhut, Principal at Stantec Architecture. “We want to thank all the project partners who made this campus possible, as well as Austin ISD and the Doss community. This school was a joy for our team to design and it’s incredibly rewarding to see students thriving in the new spaces.”  

Dive Deeper: Read the full announcement of the Caudill Class of 2021-2022 winners here

Congratulations to Stantec on this exciting achievement!