Govalle Elementary School Final

Govalle Elementary School

Govalle Elementary School has served East Austin students since 1931. In addition to offering core subjects such as English language arts and social studies, Govalle provides Pre-K and dual language programs, as well as fine arts, science, technology, engineering and math programs. The school will receive a full modernization to replace structurally-compromised building areas and improve academic and support areas to meets the district’s Education Specifications.

Govalle Elementary School Images

Govalle Elementary School Images

Govalle Elementary School Images


Key Information:

  • Modernization Budget: $32,499,000
  • Total Budget: $32,565,000
  • Trustee: Jayme Mathias
  • Location: 3601 Govalle Ave., Austin, Texas 78702
  • Existing Capacity: 598
  • Planned Capacity: 522
  • 2016/2017 Utilization: 78%
  • Meeting Materials

Project Team:

  • Design-Build Team:
  • Campus Architectural Team:
    • Paula Reyes, Principal
    • Melissa Rodriguez, Campus Staff
    • Stacey M. Smith, Campus Staff
    • Laura A. Gallegos, Campus Staff
    • Gilbert Cantu, Parent
    • Renee Pozos, Community Member
    • Philippe Klinefelter, Community Member