James Bowie High School 2019-2020 Parking Update

It’s nearly time to start another year at James Bowie High School, and we hope you all have had a restful
and fun summer. If you have visited the campus recently, we are sure you have seen the first phase of
work needed to bring 21st-century learning spaces and parking to our campus.

We want to give you an update on how the construction will affect you and your student this year. We
know that this year there will be inconveniences as we modernize our campus. We appreciate your
continued support and patience as we work to improve Bowie for our students, staff, and community.

As part of the 2017 Austin ISD Bond Program, Bowie will receive improved parking facilities as well as
additions and renovations to the athletics and fine arts facilities. The first phase of construction, which
began this summer, includes building the new parking garage and improving existing parking lots. The
construction of the new parking garage will significantly limit parking for students throughout the 2019-
2020 school year.

In an effort to ensure student and staff safety and limit on-campus traffic, students are encouraged to
walk, ride the bus and/or ride a bike whenever possible. Students who have received permits to drive
personal vehicles and park on campus will be restricted to the parking lot they were assigned;

● Lot A *(On-Campus Lot)
● Lot B (Bethany Lutheran Church Lot)
● Lot C (Remote Lot located at Westoak Woods Baptist Church)

*Due to on-going construction, students who were permitted to park in Lot A will now need to
temporarily park at Bethany Lutheran Church for the beginning of the school year. This is a short-term
solution while construction is taking place on-site, and it is expected to be completed by Labor Day.
This will affect 130 students who have been assigned to the newly renovated parking lot at James
Bowie High School.

Students who do not have a permit are not allowed to park in any of these three lots.

We want to thank our partners, Bethany Lutheran Church and Westoak Woods Baptist Church, for
working with James Bowie High School and allowing students to use these lots. Our partners went out of
their way to ensure our students have a safe place to park, and we appreciate their quick response in
providing temporary parking solutions.

For more comprehensive information on transportation plans, including traffic flow and parking sites,
please click here.