Brown Elementary School

T.A. Brown will be one of the first modernization projects completed as part of the 2017 Bond program. The site was vacated immediately after significant structural issues that posed a safety risk to staff and students were discovered by engineers in late 2016. The newly constructed school, located on the original site, is scheduled to open in January 2020.

As part of the Facility Master Plan approved by the Austin ISD Board of Trustees on April 3, 2017, Webb Primary will join the T.A. Brown community once the modernized facility is constructed.

T.A. Brown will be designed as a green school rooted in science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics and outdoor learning. The facility will focus on sustainability, health and well-being, transparency and a connection to the community.

Brown staff and students currently share the Barrington Elementary School campus, where they continue to operate as two separate schools. The temporary move has proven successful for students, faculty and staff thanks to the collaboration and resiliency of the community. Families and staff have all been tremendous in adjusting to the accommodations while continuing to prioritize safety and instruction. This is a perfect example of how that transition will work for other modernization projects requiring students to move to an interim swing space during construction.

Project Timeline

*Timeline and rendering subject to change

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Key Information

  • Modernization Budget: $30,797,000
  • Total Budget: $30,842,000
  • Anticipated Opening Date: January 2020
  • Trustee: Ann Teich
  • Location: 7801 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas 78752
  • Existing Capacity: 449
  • Planned Capacity: 522
  • 2016/2017 Utilization: 80%

Project Team

  • Design-Build Team:
  • Campus Architectural Team:
    • Mary Alvirez, Area 2 Office, T&L Liaison, AISD
    • Veronica Sharp, Principal, T.A. Brown
    • Marizza Marquez, Director, Webb Primary
    • Yolanda Lopez, Assistant Principal, T.A. Brown
    • Sheryl Bowie, Admin. Assistant, T.A. Brown
    • Odilia Hunter, Instructional Staff, T.A. Brown
    • Paula Bowen, Instructional Staff, T.A. Brown
    • Liliana Howard, Librarian, T.A. Brown
    • Diana Arroyos, Instructional Staff, Webb Primary
    • Erika Guajardo, Instructional Staff, Webb Primary
    • Susana Limon, Parent, T.A. Brown
    • Beatriz Antonio, Parent, T.A. Brown
    • Sly Guzman, Community Member