Sánchez Elementary School

The passage of the 2017 Bond allocated $25 million to modernize an elementary school in the East Austin community. Austin ISD leadership listened to the key considerations and concerns of faculty, staff and families. In September 2018, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees voted to modernize Sánchez Elementary School (ES).

In fall 2019, while the building was under construction, students and staff from Sánchez shared the nearby Metz Elementary campus. In collaboration with the design and construction teams, the Campus Architectural Team made up of families, staff, and community members, provided input into the design of the modernized Sánchez. The result of this process is an inclusive school that celebrates bilingual Spanish-English culture and embodies the community’s values.

The new campus was completed in the fall of 2021 with updated building systems and features reflecting the latest green sustainable construction. The 58,600-square-foot school features: welcoming learning spaces, state-of-the-art technology and a community room. The learning spaces encourage collaboration and invite interaction between students and teachers.

Project Timeline

*Timeline and rendering subject to change

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Key Information

  • Modernization Budget: $25,000,000
  • Opening Date: August 17, 2021
  • Trustee: Ofelia Zapata
  • Location: 73 San Marcos St., Austin, Texas 78702
  • Existing Capacity: 580
  • 2016/2017 Utilization: 61%

Project Team

  • Architecture & Engineering Team:
  • Construction-Management-at-Risk Team:
  • Campus Architectural Team:
    • Martha Castillo, Principal, Metz
    • Roxanna Rodriguez, Assistant Principal, Metz
    • Mary Ellen Alsobrook, Instructional Staff, Metz
    • Odemaris Pozos, Instructional Staff, Metz
    • Laura Ferrer, Counselor, Metz
    • Azucena Garcia, Principal, Sanchez
    • Stephanie Cortinas, Instructional Staff, Sanchez
    • Leyraliz Hernandez, Instructional Staff, Sanchez
    • Jose Luis Perales, Instructional Staff, Sanchez
    • Leslie D. Inman, Parent, Sanchez
    • Reyna Osorio Silvar, Parent, Sanchez
    • Jose Mejia, Principal, Zavala
    • Angela Bissereth, Instructional Staff, Zavala
    • Holly Lauber, Instructional Staff, Zavala
    • Mayra Lopez, Instructional Staff, Zavala
    • Brenda Garza, Parent, Zavala
    • April Serrano, Parent, Zavala
    • Milly Hernandez, Community Member
    • Marina Islas, Community Member
    • Anthony Martinez, Community Member
    • Aaron Reyes, Community Member
    • Dr. Haydeé Rodríguez, Community Member
    • Dr. Angela Valenzuela, Community Member
    • Kathy Vasquez, Community Member
    • Ryan O’Donnell, STEM Specialist, AISD
    • Dr. Rosa Peña, Director of Leadership Development, AISD
    • Jocelyn Connell, Supervisor for Community Engagement & External Communication, AISD
    • Monica E. Gonzalez, Director for Elementary Schools, AISD