T.A. Brown Elementary School Modernization Team Shares New 3D View

The T.A. Brown Elementary School modernization team has unveiled new 3D renderings from their ongoing Design Development phase. The 3D designs, linked below, depict exterior VR panoramas of the new school.

T.A. Brown will be one of the first modernization projects completed as part of the 2017 Bond Program. The site was vacated immediately after significant structural issues that posed a safety risk to staff and students were discovered by engineers in late 2016. The newly constructed school, located on the original site, is scheduled to open in January 2020.

T.A. Brown will be designed as a green school rooted in science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics and outdoor learning. The facility will focus on sustainability, health and well-being, transparency and a connection to the community.

During the Design Development phase, the Campus Architectural Team (CAT) works together with the Design Team to further develop Schematic Design drawings to include more detail, such as a site plan, room layouts, door and window types, etc. The design team will also offer interior finish options for the CAT team’s review and selection.

Check out the new 3D tour here: