Brentwood Elementary School Modernization Update

Please see below for a letter shared with Brentwood Elementary School families on Monday, November 11, 2019 regarding the Brentwood modernization and proposed plan for an off-site swing space.

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Dear Brentwood Elementary Families,

We wanted to provide an important update regarding the Brentwood Elementary modernization project that is part of the 2017 bond. 

After months of design, and careful study of construction phasing and permitting by our contractors, it became apparent that to ensure student safety during the modernization project we needed to identify a location where the entire campus could be moved during the construction period. 

After exploring several options, it was determined that the most feasible decision would be for Brentwood to be housed at the Dobie Pre-Kindergarten Center at 1200 E. Rundberg Lane, 78753 during the renovation process.

AISD’s goal for all modernization projects is to keep the campus on-site whenever possible, and that was the initial plan for Brentwood Elementary School. However, numerous constraints were unknown during the planning process. Namely, we saw that the modernization couldn’t happen on site concurrently while upholding our high standards for ensuring student safety. Other technical challenges that factored in include,

●    How the recently-modified, regulatory floodplain impacts available space on the Brentwood site;
●    Location and quantity of stormwater detention that would be required during construction;
●    City requirements for parking during construction;
●    Extra fire lane access areas that would be necessary during construction;
●    Building permitting challenges due to construction phasing.

Under the plan, Brentwood Elementary will operate from this off-site starting in August 2020 and remain in the space for the duration of construction at the existing Brentwood campus, which is expected to open for the Spring 2022 semester.

By moving the campus off-site during construction, the new school can be built in approximately half the time, which reduces the noise, traffic and other impacts to the Brentwood neighborhood. We anticipate 14 months of construction versus 28 months if students stayed on-site. This saves money that can be reinvested into the modernization project and ultimately provides a safer, less disruptive environment for everyone – students, faculty, staff, construction workers and neighbors.

There are still decisions that need to be made and details to be finalized, but AISD is committed to listening to feedback, addressing questions and getting information to the Brentwood community as soon as it is available.

Parents and community members are also invited to join AISD and Brentwood Elementary School leaders for a community meeting to address your questions and concerns on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Brentwood Cafeteria. 

In the meantime, questions are being directed to the communications team at or 512-414-9595.